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Tsukure Relaunch Websites!

Tsukure Relaunch Websites!

  • 26th Aug 2021

It's been over a year and a half since we first opened and launched our website. The hub has been going through many changes as it has evolved into the community resource it has become, so it's time to do the same to our websites! Yes, plural, we are revamping all current sites and adding a couple more!

Why would we do such a thing? Simple, the organisation has evolved way beyond it's original form, each arm of Tsukure Hub CIC specialises in their unique field, as such we felt it would be better and easier to navigate divisional websites that focus on the field in which you are most interested.

Tsukure Hub CIC ~ Our flagship site is geared toward our more corporate position. It provides a centralised source of information about the organisation as a whole. 

Tsukure Radio ~ Our live streaming community radio website will also be getting a face-lift. We've taken inspiration from such websites as Soundcloud and used technologies to allow uninterrupted audio streaming of our radio broadcasts.

Tsukure Cafe ~ Will be getting their own website, and it's about time too! It's taken us nearly two years to get the cafe, tea bar and kitchens renovated and established, now it's time to share that hard work with the rest of the world.

Tsukure CBD ~ Having set out in 2018 to debunked the hippy claims that cannabis was a miracle plant, our C.E.O. was astounded when his own research only sought to back up a vast number of health claims. This website has been developed to share his research and provide factual information about the cannabis plant and the effects the compound CBD may have on the immune system.

Tsukure CodeDojo ~ The CoderDojo Foundation is an internationally recognised organisation who's aim is to provide opportunities for young innovators. Due to the specialised nature of the CoderDojo we have launched a special website specifically to answer questions and showcase student achievments.

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